Have your own Carribean Carnival in Maplewood, NJ

Roots n Riddims is a fun, easy to do, dance-fitness total body workout that focuses on the core, legs, arms and glutes.  It combines body sculpting moves with Caribbean and African music.  

Roots n Riddims creates a Caribbean carnival atmosphere and feels more like a party than an aerobics class.  Your members will think they are on the beach doing the limbo.  The thumping beat of the African drums will bring colorful images of the Kalahari.

Roots n Riddims’ cardio based interval training methods promotes continuous fat burning over the course of the workout.

Roots n Riddims is for everyone!  It encompasses global cultures and brings together movements from around the world.  

Roots n Riddims is a specialty class that will get you feeling hot, hot, hot!  



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