Fitness Classes

Barbell Babes

This class is currently offered only in-person. The 

Booty and Belly Burnout

Using a mini band, occasionally dumbbells and definitely a mat, you'll get a workout that will strengthen your core and shape your glutes. 

Zumba with Carol

If you're looking for high energy, look no more. This class will have your heart pumping and burning calories within minutes. Class offers a mix of both Latin and pop music. 

Xtreme Hip-Hop Step with Kieron

Familiar with Step? If the answer is no, this is the class for you. Kieron breaks down all the steps resulting in a smooth flow and fun workout. 

Total Body Conditioning - HIIT

The mix of cardio and strength exercises makes this class challenging. Modifications are offered so all fitness levels are welcome. 

Sole to Soul with Esha

This low impact dance fitness workout will leave you movin and groovin for hours after the class has ended. It's that good..

Xtreme Hip-Hop Step with Okeshia

Nicknamed, Sexy Step, Okeshia offers an intermediate level Hip-Hop Step class to smooth Hip-Hop and R&B music. 

Total Body Conditioning - Low Impact

Utilize moderate size weights, a mat and your body to perform low impact exercises to lengthen and tone your body. 

Zumba with Devin

Well known on TikTok for his fun and infectious videos, Devin's interpretation of Zumba is fitness inspired and easy to follow. 

Zumba with Michelle

Like a bright light, Michelle shines when the music is turned on. This class is perfect for all fitness levels and offers a playlist of music from the 80's to today.  

Total Body Conditioning - Strength

Designed to push and encourage you to challenge your strength. Pick up a heavier weight. Let's see how strong you are and much stronger you can get. 

Zumba with Jason

Lights... Camera... Action! This is a high energy class with an all out performance by Jason. Trained in theatre performance, he never fails to deliver.